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Skin Treatments ( Gold Coast Brisbane Area )

We specialize in Dermal therapies to treat a wide variety of skin concerns. Our physicians and therapists have over 20 plus years’ experience

Treatments Price
Micro dermabrasion $88
Face and Neck     $129
Micro plus peel     $199

Easily one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments around Microdermabrasion exfoliates and buffs away the surface layer of dead skin cells, improves texture, tone, congestion, scarring and fine lines

Treatments Price
Prescriptive Peels $ 140

Peel away the years with our customized Cosmedical peels designed to improve and enhance the skin function. Our Peels are an advanced range of specific chemical peels which utilise mono-substance technology to ensure the highest quality and purity

Lactic Peel - Ideal for lack lustre skin which need a hydration boost.
Glycolic Peel - Good round peel targeted at aging, lines and winkles
Jessner Peel - An amazing combination peel to achieve all over skin rejuvenation, A combination of lactic, salicylic & citric acids, to exfoliate& brighten mild pigmentation and ageing.
Mandelic Peel - Targets mild to medium acne with a  healing and smoothing action.    

Treatments Price
Acnelan     - Course of 3 treatments  $390

This Complete Acne treatment targets moderate to severe acne, reducing inflammation, scaring and precents further breakout by eradication of the “P Acne Bacteria”    

Please not that this treatment will not be performed without correct home care.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Excellent treatment Damaged Skin Acne Rosacea Pigmentation, Capillaries.

Do you want to remove years of sun damage, broken capillaries, sunspots, pigmentation and freckles?
IPL gives you a much smoother, clearer complexion and is gentle enough to also treat, Décolletage, neck, and hands.

IPL also plumps and rejuvenates restoring skin radiance.
Depending on the skin condition to be treated & your skin type, a series of one to eight treatments may be recommended.

Treatments Price    
Full Face  $220 Package of 5 $999
Face & Neck  $245 Package of 5 $1100
Face Neck & Dec $280 Package of 5 $1300

Dermal Needling - Treating acne scaring, lines and firming.

Anti-Aging doesn’t have to take forever.
Smooths facial lines, reduces scaring and restores youthful glow to your skin. Results are long lasting as this process stimulates a natural collagen response. Expect quick results FAST!!

Treatments Price    
Full Face  $250 Package of 5 $1100
LED Add On $49 Package of 5 $1100

RF Skin Tightening Non  Surgical  Face Lift without surgery – Jowls, Eyes, Neck, Cheeks, Nasal Folds . 

This procedure gives firming lifting and tightening results with a smoother more youthful complexion. results may be seen in 1-2 sessions However a course of 5 will attain a lasting result.
Get the lift you’ve always wanted, that is non-invasive with no down time

Treatments Price    
Full face      $220 Package of 5      $999
Neck $100 Package of 5      $450

Heal Light Treatment- The Diode LED technology effectively treating in a concentrated manner for enhanced recovery with nearly any procedure evens skin tone :

  • Increases blood flow
  • Soothing
  • Relieves pain
  • Accelerates healing
  • Speeds recovery time
  • Safe and effective for all skin types 
  • Risk free with no side effects
Treatments Price
12 Minute Treatment    (  65  Course of 6 ) $355

Laser Lipo/Ultrasonic Cavitation inch loss

Butt lift, Tummy, Arms, Thighs 
Reduces and eliminates fat and reduces cellulite, with results similar to liposuction but without the surgery.

From $159 per area.
A package of 6-8 treatments is recommended for best results 

C02 Fractional Laser Resurfacing

This is the Advanced Gold Standard treatment to laser resurfacing 
Our Co2 is performed ONLY by qualified Doctors and highly Qualified technicians.

This highly advanced technology effectively treats :

  • Pigmentation
  • Age lines face neck décolletage hands
  • Deep creases
  • Acne Scaring
  • Severe sun damage
  • Capillary damage
  • Price depending on are From $499

PR- Platelet Rich Plasma/Vampire Facial

Our doctor will use your own growth factors in the amazing treatment
This will stimulate new collagen, improving laxity and texture while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
From $499
3 Treatments are required with a 1 year follow up treatment.

Injectables and Fillers

Only performed with a highly qualified experienced doctor.

Injectables and the perfect synergy to work along with all other skin treatments, assisting in prevention of wrinkles and to significantly reduce the following.

Muscle Relaxants. From $85 per area

  • Frown lines 
  • Brown heaviness
  • Forehead lines 
  • Chin dimples
  • Naso-labial folds 
  • Sad mouth
  • Excess sweating 

Dermal Fillers  from $350

Plump and fill areas of volume loss as we age and give us a younger more youthful look. Made of a naturally occurring substance “hyaluronic acid” these fillers will also increase moisture content to the skin, assisting in the following areas

Cheek Contour

  • Luscious Lips
  • More prominent brow
  • Smokers lines
  • Thin lips
  • Hollowed temples
  • Hands

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