MicroChanneling Course

MicroChanneling Course

Be among the first in Australia to offer this revolutionary new treatment to clients.

New MicroChanneling System

The new microchanneling system by Procell offers skin rejuvenation with zero downtime. Using minute wire filaments the Procell device sends micro electrical currents into the skin to assist the delivery of stimulating serums and other traditional beauty treatments. 

The big difference is there is now impact or drag on the skin as there is with micro-needling and no red marks or visible crusts left after the treatment. Before and After results are impressive and this treatment will certainly take off as a very attractive anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, scar removal system. College of Dermal Therapies has a link on the Finance Tab on our website for Study Loans to both purchase and be trained in this great new device.

MicroChanneling Training

Don't wait! Be one of the first in Australia to offer this ground breaking treatment to your clients. Call us today on 0402 076 859

MicroChannelling Course Outline

Come and join our 2-day intensive course in new generation microchanneling. Be among the first in Australia to offer this revolutionary, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment which has zero downtime and generates astonishingly good results. 

Course fee includes two-day's training in our certified Micro Channeling course and a Pro Cell Pro MicroChanneling device imported from the United States. You will have hands on experience with live models and take home a starter pack to boost your clinic treatment offerings.

Course price includes ProCell Pro Microchanneling Device $6,000 plus two day's training $2,500. 

Total Course Cost: $8,500 incl GST